Frederick S. Perl,  an influential Gestalt therapist, wrote about the human tendencies of ego, hunger, and aggression.  He quoted Albert Einstein, one of the great thinkers of our time:

"Furthermore, this impatient, greedy attitude is responsible more than anything else for the excessive stupidity we find in the world. Just as such people have no patience to chew up real food, so they do not take sufficient time to “chew up” mental food.
As modern times promote hasty eating to a large extent, it is not surprising to learn that a great astronomer said: 'Two things are infinite, as far as we know – the universe and human stupidity.' Today we know that this statement is not quite correct. Einstein has proved that the universe is limited."

I disagree; most people are rather smart.  That's why you are here.

The purpose of this page is to offer relevant research, tentative thoughts, and expert opinion on wellness, health and nutrition, and my secondary passion, strength and conditioning of the human body.  Research articles, quotes and other relevant topics will be posted for discussion from time to time.   We welcome your comments and arguments.  Keep in mind, however, that the buck does not stop here.  The benefit of a healthy debate is that we might come across a breakthrough, an epiphany, or be OK with differing opinions.  We hope you benefit from a critical review of corresponding research. 

Timing is everything. Or is it?

The key to successful fueling is to know WHAT your body needs WHEN your body needs it.  So, what is the best time for consuming protein?


Clean. Simple. Functional. Food.

Clean. Simple. Functional. Food.

eating protein and coconuts has been a staple of native islanders for centuries.  We are building on that knowledge as well as tested theories to provide a...